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Ship Management

Ship Management Shipyard Facility

The two core areas of Kiev Shipping's business are Ship Management and Chartering. We manage various types of vessels, which means ocean going, sea and river vessels, and river-sea vessels. Our vessel management services are based on the provisions of the "Shipman" contract. Since 2000, Kiev Shipping has been managing its fleet in a highly professional manner, so you know that your ship is in good hands. For the more than 20 years working in the maritime freight market, Kiev Shipping has established close partnerships with charterers, brokers, agents, and bunker companies, completing many contracts.

Kiev Shipping has been managing ships in the Sea of Azov, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea since 2000. Likewise, in West Africa since 2005. In 2010 we expanded to North America and South America. In 2012 we expanded into Asia, Australia and Oceania, so now we are worldwide.

We deal with cargo management, technical management, and operational management of vessels, so we invite shipowners and shippers to join us for mutually beneficial cooperation.

We can also cooperate with the owners without Shipman management. If the vessel is in an "open" position anywhere, after the owners authorisation we can find suitable cargoes for her. "Win-Win" cooperation. We can act as the vessel's broker. In that case the owners pay us standard commission. No Shipman is needed.

You need reliability and quality, which means you need Kiev Shipping for ship management, fleet management, and cargo service.

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