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I came to shipping business from the gas industry in 1998. In June 2000 I registered Kiev Shipping Ltd. and soon after registered Kiev Shipping Ltd. with the prestigious International Maritime Organization, registration number 5628543.

Over the years, I have come to fully understand and love this business. I achieved a full understanding of the problems of sea chartering because for a very long time I had the opportunity to be on both sides of the fence.
That is, to perform the functions of both the shipowner and the charterer.
This gave me a rare insight into the specifics of this business. I lost count long ago of the number of shipments I made and vessels I chartered. There were a lot of them. I've chartered more than 300 vessels loaded with chemicals, fertilizers, bagged cement, clinker, corn, wheat, steels and other such cargoes. That is why as the head of a shipping company and an experienced maritime logistics expert I share very important information with our potential customers. I really want the distance between the word "potential" and "customers" to be minimal.


Believe me, it is very important to turn to a professional such as Kiev Shipping in shipping. There are enough "lovers" in the market of sea freight transportation. Sometimes my hair stands on end when clients tell their stories about how pseudo-professionals, by virtue of their insufficient competence, let their clients down, which led to huge financial losses. My work with a client is similar to the relationship between a doctor and a patient. Coming to the doctor, we trust him and strictly follow his recommendations. There are other situations when patients, having consulted 'Dr Google', begin to tell the doctor during the consultation exactly how he should treat the patient.

I have to say, in my practice this also happens from time to time. Sometimes clients who are sure that they are the gurus of our business and they know everything turn to me, and they do not want to follow my recommendations. Then the question arises - why do you need a doctor, if you know everything better than he? I do not work with such "clients".

A professional maritime logistics expert such as Kiev Shipping will help develop a strategy of cargo traffic on the basis of the initial data, take into account all the specifics, both of cargo transportation, and of ports and countries through which deliveries are planned. Very often, one has to "intervene" in customer logistics due to significant shortcomings in the cargo routes developed by them.

Fairytale Contracts

I also want to personally speak about the dealers of oil from Nigeria, cement from Russia, metal from China, etc. Please be realistic. You can not spend your time on pseudo-contracts for the sale of non-existent product. It's impossible to become a millionaire by selling Nigerian oil via the Internet. The problem is that such calls and requests are extremely distracting and annoying. Please be realistic. Do not waste your time on this nonsense. Please do not waste my time telling me your fairytale stories and asking many questions about "how much will the freight cost to transport oil from Nigeria to China?" Be realistic.

In Conclusion

It is very time consuming to give quotes on exotic destinations. In this case, we receive from the charterer their "idea of ​​freight" and enter a tender to search for a suitable vessel. If the "potential client" does not know the size of the freight, which is for him a kind of guide, it means that he is likely to remain in the status of "potential client". Having the cost of goods, the transport component by land from the place of production to the place of transshipment, the cost of the port transshipment itself, and understanding the sale price of goods in the country of the potential buyer, and the realistic freight tariff that the shipper is looking for, Kiev Shipping can find a vessels that fit the shipper's needs.

For all enquiries about cargo shipments, please use the Chartering Enquiry form.

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