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Over many years of work in the sea freight market, the "Kiev Shipping Ltd" has established very close business contacts with real suppliers of grains and various types of coal.

If you need to purchase large quantities of wheat 10.5%, 11.5% and 12.5% of protein, barley, yellow or white corn, or soybean, or various types of coal especially from Indonesia and SAR (South Africa), please contact us.
We can offer annual contracts for grains, Indonesian and African coal.
We're also capable to arrange wheat flour in big-bags of the Turkish origin as well.

We deal with DLC/LC AT SIGHT against loaded vessel and cargo documents provided.
An SBLC isn't acceptable. We don't demand any up front fees to be paid.

Please look at the sellers' short working procedures here.

Please be as concrete and short as possible while contacting us. We have many contacts daily, but our time is so limited.
Make your enquires firm and indicate main parameters such as: the kind of grain (coal) needed, its amount, protein figure for wheat, amount expressed in metric ton and port of destination in case of CIF basis of delivery.
But a FOB basis may also be acceptable.
Incase of need Kiev Shipping Ltd may charter a vessel on behalf of the buyers to get transported the goods based on a direct charter party with no intermediaries involved.

For sending us your commodity trading enquiries, please feel free to use

Please note we sell large amounts ONLY. We don't use containers but vessels with their capacity as from about 20000 mts up to 50000 mts.

Ready to ship your cargo? Fill out our quick form to receive your personalized quote!

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